Marie Harrison

Marie Harrison

Community Organizer for Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice

Marie Harrison is a Community Organizer for Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice. As a long-time Bayview Hunters Point resident, she began her work with Greenaction in 1999 and co-founded the Bayview Hunters Point Environmental Justice Response Task Force, a successful multi-stakeholder problem-solving collaborative effort to reduce pollution in this at-risk community.

Ms. Harrison is a strong advocate for clean renewable energy and played a leading role in the community’s campaign to close the PG&E Hunters Point fossil fuel power plant in 2006. She has led the campaign for improved and expanded cleanup of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and other contamination sites along the Bay waterfront that are threatened by rising sea levels.

She is an active member of the Bay Area Environmental Health Collaborative, California Environmental Justice Coalition, Resilient Communities Initiative, and the California Cleaner Freight Coalition. Previously, Ms. Harrison served as an Advocate of the Bayview Hunters Point Community Court, a member of the San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance Task Force, and a member of advisory boards for the Citywide Senior Action Network and the Southeast Community College.

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